Hybrid Off-grid Solar Power Station Project

time: 2017-08-29
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Hybrid Off-grid Solar Power Station Project

Hybrid off-grid power station project

Place: Hulunbeir, China.  

Capacity: 132 KWP

Annual generating capacity:16,8000 KW.h.

This project construction status in hulun buir border regiment, the manchurian regiment, new barr tiger left flag 11 frontier corps regiment, etc.The total installed capacity of 132 KWP, including 11 numbers of 12 kW scenery complementary independent power station, expected power generating capacity is 168000 kW · h, effectively solve the border region military power problems.


Border posts need 24 hours monitor, the previous electricity used is generated by diesel, it is waste, not environmental protection and has big noise. After set up photovoltaic power station, it meet the electricity power of monitoring , also can satisfy production, living, learning, entertainment of the border post.The rows of photovoltaic power station add a beautiful beautiful scenery for the open border post.

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