4. What is the connection order of the solar street light controller?

time: 2017-08-31

1. connect the battery. Before connecting the battery, make sure that the battery voltage is higher than 6V to start the controller. If the system is 24V, must ensure that the battery voltage of not less than 18V. The system voltage selection is only recognized automatically when the controller is started for the first time. When installing insurance, pay attention to the safety device from the battery is the maximum distance of 150mm, after confirmed the wiring is correct then switch on the insurance.

2. connect the load. Solar street light controller load terminal can connect DC power equipment which rated operating voltage is same as the battery rated voltage, the controller supply load according to  the battery voltage . Connect the positive and negative of the loads to the load terminals of the controller, be careful and serious when connect the wire to avoid short circuit. There should connect a insurance device in the load positive or negative wire, do not switch on the insurance device when installing. Switch on the insurance after confirm the correct of the installation. If the load is connected through the switchboard, each load circuit should have a separate insurance, all the load current can not exceed the rated current of the controller.

3. connect the PV array. The controller can be applied to 12V, 24V off-grid solar modules, you can also use the open circuit voltage does not exceed the specified maximum input voltage of the grid components. In the system the solar street lamp component voltage is not lower than the system voltage.

4. check the connection. And then check all the connections again to see if the positive and negative terminals of each terminal are correct, whether the six terminals are tightened.

5. to confirm power. When the battery supply charge to the controller , the controller starts, the LED indicator will light, make observation to check whether it is correct or not.

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